About the Letters

Most all of these letters were transcribed & researched for a friend of mine who buys and sells them on e-bay. In exchange for this service, he permits me to publish the letters on one of my many websites — most of them under the title of “Spared & Shared” — thus preserving the history contained within them.


4 thoughts on “About the Letters”

  1. I am writing in hopes that you can correct a small mistake in the entry on William Glenn Capers Dickson of the Cobb’s Legion (Ga.) Cavalry. You have his father listed as David Dickson (1809-1885) of Hancock County, Ga., a famous planter who gave most of his estate to a daughter, Amanda America Dickson, he had with one of his slaves. This David Dickson was not the father of William Glenn Capers Dickson. The father of Capers Dickson was David Dickson (1802-1875), buried in the family plot in Oxford Cemetery, Oxford, Ga. Capers Dickson is buried in the same cemetery as his father.
    I recently purchased on E Bay a Civil War letter written by Capers Dickson on January 15, 1863. There were two others subsequently offered for sale on EBay which I did not buy. I would be happy to let you post mine on your website and would appreciate hearing if you encounter of any others out there.
    Your websites are absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for all the transcriptions you have done!!


  2. Just discovered the site this morning. It’s fantastic! Can’t thank you and your friend enough for making these available to everyone. It’s a rich resource I plan to use in my own research.


  3. Wow, what an amazing site. Thanks so much for your service to preserve this history in an accessible way. And thanks to your friend, for partnering with you in this way.

    I found several letters from the Fifth Iowa regiments in which our family’s ancestors served. I’ve been researching the regiment for years, and time is running out for me to publish a regimental history before I leave this life. Your letters helped remind me of that goal.

    Heading to follow you on facebook now…

    Rob Stroud
    Chaplain, USAF (retired)


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