Soldiers Letters I Have Transcribed

Charles L. Dupree, Co. C, 7th Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Dwyer, Co. I, 8th Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)
August Rost, F&S, 17th Alabama (Confederate/5 Letters)
Henry Durrett, Co. E, 18th Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)
James A. Durrett, Co. E, 18th Alabama (Confederate/7 Letters)
Starling M. Manly, Co. C, 32nd Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Duncan Cole, Co. F, 38th Alabama (Confederate/1 letter)
Sampson A. Renfroe, Co. C, 39th Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)
Samuel Johnson, Co. E, 55th Alabama (Confederate/1 Letter)

George Washington Brummett, Co. I, 9th Arkansas (Confederate/1 Letter)

Unidentified Soldier, Connecticut Infantry (Union/1 Letter)
Edgar C. Sterling, Co. D, 1st Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Horace Winslow, F&S, 5th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Halsey Bartlett, Co. A, 6th Connecticut (Union/13 Letters)
Gilbert A. Talmadge, Co. C, 7th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles L. Hewitt, Co. E, 7th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles J. Greene, Co. I, 7th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles J. Greene, Co. K, 7th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
George F. Booth, Co. E, 8th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Herman Vaill, Co. E, 8th Connecticut (Union/5 Letters)
William Long, Co. I, 10th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
William N. Salter, Co. I, 10th Connecticut (Union/2 Letters)
Benjamin Wright, Co. I, 10th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin Wright, Co. I, 10th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Miles L. Smith, Co. K, 10th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Rufus Greenleaf Norris, Co. B, 11th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Franklin S. Twitchell, Co. B, 13th Connecticut (Union/13 Letters)
Alexander McNeil, Co. C, 14th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Griswold, Co. E, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles H. Taylor, Co. F, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Henry C. Baldwin, Co. H, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Henry D. Lewis, Co. H, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 letter)
Henry D. Lewis, Co. H, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Walter Howard Lord, Co. I, 15th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Martin VanBuren Culver, Co. A, 16th Connecticut (Union/12 Letters)
Hiram Belden, Co. G, 16th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Sylvester Rounds, Co. D, 17th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Willis McDonald, Co. F, 17th Connecticut (Union/Archive of Letters)
Isaac L. Mead, Co. I, 17th Connecticut (Union/9 Letters)
Unidentified Soldier, 17th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Edward Fowler, Co. G, 20th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Latham Bailey, Co. C, 21st Connecticut (Union/38 Letters)
James Henry Harvey, Co. A, 22nd Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Eleazer Byron Foster, Co. G, 22nd Connecticut (Union/8 Letters)
Levi Hull, Co. B, 24th Connecticut (Union/2 Letters)
Homer R. Johnson, Co. B, 27th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Bradley, Co. E, 27th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Henry E. Mumford, Co. B, 29th Connecticut (Union/1 Letter)
Lucius E. Holcomb, Co. A, 1st Connecticut Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
James Peters Elliott, Co. I, 1st Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Frank Miller, Co. I, 1st Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Edgar B. Bennett, Battery K, 1st Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Edgar B. Bennett, Battery K, 1st Connecticut H. A. (Union/5 Letters)
Theodore F. Vaill, F&S, 2nd Connecticut H. A. (Union/11 Letters)
Lyman Jones Smith, Jr., Battery A, 2nd Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Henry R. Hoyt, Battery H, 2nd Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Homer Skiff Sackett, Battery H, 2nd Connecticut H.A (Union/2 Letters)
William Addison Hosford, Co. D, 2nd Connecticut H. A. (Union/1 letter)

Caleb Rodney Layton, Co. G, 1st Delaware (Union/1 Letter)

Meredith Kendrick, Co. C, 3rd Georgia Infantry (Confederate/1 Letter)
John Boling Cochran, Co. E, 7th Georgia (Confederate/1 Letter)
Pleasant H. Bryan, Co. I, 7th Georgia (Confederate/1 Letter)
James Watson Staten, 11th Georgia State Guards (Confederate/1 Letter)
James Gregory Turner, Co. C, 12th Georgia (Confederate/1 Letter)
Lewis C. Peacock, Co. A, 18th Georgia (Confederate/1 Letter)
James W. Lipsey, Co. I, 26th Georgia (Confederate/2 Letters)
Smith G. Homan, Co. F, 29th Georgia (Confederate/1 Letter)

Reuben J. Wolfe, Co. D, 8th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Orton Ingersoll, Co. A, 11th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Garrett V. Nevius [Nevins], Co. D, 11th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Abiather Webster Sutliff, Co. B, 13th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Harvey R. Frazer, Co. C, 13th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Charles D. Delph, Co. G, 17th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
William Stuart Walker, Co. K, 17th Illinois (Union/11 Letters)
Joseph William Anno, Co. E, 27th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
William H. H. Kinsey, Co. H, 28th Illinois (Union/20 Letters)
Michael Stoops Miller, Co. H, 28th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Conrad William Betts, F&S, 29th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Johnson, Co. K, 32nd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Eckles, Co. D, 34th Illinois (Union/5 Letters)
Freeman Stanton Dunklee, Co. A, 36th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
William Davidson McCord, Co. E, 37th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Herbert Maynard Anthony, Co. G, 39th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Elias D. Baker, Co. G, 46th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 47th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
David Fisher McGowan, Co. I, 47th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. E, 51st Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
James H. Ayres, Co. F, 52nd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Humphrey W. Davenport, Co. I, 52nd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
James Alexander Gibson, Co. B, 59th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
William McAdams, Co. H, 59th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
Lester Bishop Filley, Co. D, 61st Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Coleman, Co. A, 63rd Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
George W. Coleman, Co. A, 63rd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
John Milburn Rose, Co. A, 63rd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Mason M. Vermett, Co. D, 66th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Jeremiah M. Cramblett, Co. I, 72nd Illinois (Union/6 Letters)
Perry & Jasper Roderick, Co. B, 79th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
James Philander Walker, F&S, 85th Illinois (Union/4 Letters)
John F. Anno, Co. A, 85th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
Levi Springer Anno, Co. A, 85th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Edward William Curtis, Co. I, 88th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Nimrod Young, Co. H, 89th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
George William Spurgin, Co. K, 98th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Bryant Parsons, Co. B, 102nd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 103rd Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
John W. Ellsworth, Co. F, 103rd Illinois (Union/1 Poem)
George W. Minick, Co. K, 103rd Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
Lemuel B. Laughlin, Co. F, 104th Illinois (Union/1  Letter)
John Warren Laughlin, Co. F, 104th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
John Warren Laughlin, Co. F, 104th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Frank Filer, Co. F, 105th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
James Lemuel Yates, Co. C, 106th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
Robert Alexander Young, Co. K, 106th Illinois (Union/3 Letters)
William Clagg Sutton, Co. D, 107th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
John D. Wardlow, Co. C, 111th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Lemuel Fordum Mathews, Co. D, 112th Illinois (Union/2 Letters)
Bradford Foster Thompson, Co. D, 112th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
William C. Johnson, Co. K, 114th Illinois (Union/6 Letters)
William C. Johnson, Co. K, 114th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
James A. Jones, F&S, 115th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Richard Lawrence Howard, F&S, 124th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Darius Johnson, Co. S, 129th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Samuel Collister, Co. F, 138th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Albert L. Platt, Co. B, 145th Illinois (Union/1 Letter)
Paschal Piola Parkman, Troop I, 2nd Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William Harvey Bosworth, Troop C, 7th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Ebenezer Swap, Troop C, 7th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Everett Brown, Troop M, 9th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Amos W. Dunn, Troop B, 11th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
John Tilbe, Jr., Troop M, 11th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Blair Wilson, Troop M, 11th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Frank J. Parks, Troop A, 12th Illinois Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
James Monroe Bosworth, Troop L, 15th Illinois Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Wade Stickney, Battery B, 1st Illinois L. A. (Union/2 Letters)
Cyrus Marble Cummings, Battery G, 2nd Illinois L. A. (Union/1 Letter)

Otto Heinrich Sollau, Co. F, 3rd Indiana (Union/2 Letters)
Theodore Longwood, Co. C, 7th Indiana (Union/6 Letters)
Mortimer Scott Longwood, Co. C, 7th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Theodore Longwood, Co. C, 7th Indiana (Union/8 Letters)
Joseph Spealman, Co. C, 8th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
William Farquhar Keay, Co. D, 17th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Albert J. Cox, Co. D, 20th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin Franklin Ramsey, Co. C, 21st Indiana (3 Letters)
John Elliott, Co. E, 25th Indiana (Union/2 Letters)
Daniel Hayford, Co. K, 25th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
John W. Ingram, Co. K, 25th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Peter W. Southard, Co. K, 26th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Clifford Osborn, Co. A, 37th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. C, 37th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas J. Bartholomew, Co. A, 40th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Oscar Brothers, Co. C, 47th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Wilt, Co. G, 48th Indiana (Union/2 Letters)
Eli Caress, Co. A, 50th Indiana (Union/21 Letters)
Archibald S. H. Neff
, Co. E, 57th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
George Washington Stull, Co. E, 63rd Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Murphy Lewis, Co. H, 63rd Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Andrew Fite, Co. C, 66th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
John Milton Redus, Co. H, 66th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Otto Heinrich Sollan [Sollau], Co. F, 73rd Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
George Benton Dausman, Co. H, 75th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas P. Kirk, Co. H, 82nd Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Orange L. Jones, Co. K, 88th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Nathaniel Prime, Co. D, 89th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob H. C. Smith, Co. G, 101st Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Lemuel Glidden, Co. K, 145th Indiana (Union/18 Letters)
William Francis King, F&S, 147th Indiana (Union/1 Letter)
Floyd Thurman, Troop F, 1st Indiana Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Vincent Hinchman, Troop B, 9th Indiana Cavalry (Union/Diary)
Samuel Day, 8th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Smith M. Logan, 20th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery (Union/3 Letters)
Robert H. Crist, Battery L, 1st Indiana H. A. (Union/2 Letters)

William Cornelius Holden, Co. K, 2nd Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Nelson E. White, Co. I, 3rd Iowa (Union/2 Letters)
Harmon J. Trask, Co. K, 8th Iowa (Union/2 Letters)
Edward August McDonald, Co. D, 11th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Edward Putnam, Co. H, 13th Iowa (Union/18 Letters)
Cyrus E. Ferguson, Co. A, 15th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Cyrus E. Ferguson, Co. A, 15th Iowa (Union/9 Letters)
James H. Howell, Co. C, 16th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Frederick Reed, Co. A, 17th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Artemus Lee Buzzell, Co. H, 18th Iowa (Union/2 Letters)
James Anderson Kirkpatrick, Co. H, 18th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
William Busby, Co. H, 20th Iowa (Union/31 Letters)
Alfred B. Cree, Co. F, 22nd Iowa (Union/2 Letters)
John D. Van Antwerp, F&S, 26th Iowa (Union/1 letter)
Henry Clay Forbes, Co. B, 26th Iowa (Union/8 Letters)
Francis T. Hollister, Co. D, 28th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Andrew Gillespie Henderson, Co. F, 31st Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Milton Charlton Hutchinson, Co. E/F, 34th Iowa (Union/2 Letters)
Milton Charlton Hutchinson, Co. F, 34th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Henry Nevitt, Co. F, 35th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
John C. Hicks, Co. H, 35th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Hibbard Houston Shedd, Co. F, 45th Iowa (Union/1 Letter)
Horace Payne, Co. C, 1st Iowa Cavalry (Union/5 Letters)
William Wycoff, Co. H, 3rd Iowa Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Lot Abraham, Co. D, 4th Iowa Cavalry (Union/Diaries)
Ward Bannister Sherman, F&S, 9th Iowa Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)

John Allen Osborn, Co. I, 10th Kentucky (Union/1 Letter)
Drury James Burchett, Co. K, 14th Kentucky (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel William Pruitt, Co. K, 17th Kentucky (Union/1 Letter)
James Ingram, Co. I, 24th Kentucky (Union/1 letter)
William Hamilton Lower, Co. I, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)

Unidentified Soldier, Louisiana Tiger Brigade (Confederate/1 Letter)
Aquilla Toland Turner, Co. E, 15th Louisiana (Confederate/10 Letters)
Alexander Porter Morse, Troop I, 1st Louisiana Cavalry (Confederate/3 Letters)

Bainbridge P. Brown, Co. D, 3rd Maine (Union/4 Letters)
Stephen Adams Dodge, Co. D, 3rd Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Abiezer Veazie, Co. C, 4th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Clark Swett Edwards, F&S, 5th Maine (Union/16 Letters)
Franklin G. Patterson, Co. D, 5th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Loring Harmon Larrabee, Co. A, 6th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
James True Bradbury, Co. C, 6th Maine (Union/3 Letters)
William H. Linscott, Co. A, 8th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Augustus Alonzo Hoit, Co. G, 8th Maine (Union/5 Letters)
Charles E. French, F&S, 9th Maine (Union/4 Letters)
Orville Robinson, Co. F, 9th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Henry C. Long, F&S, 11th Maine (Union/6 Letters)
Stephen G. Berry, Co. F, 12th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Ellwood S. Daly, Co. G, 12th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel F. Smith, Co. C, 13th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
George H. Staples, Co. E, 13th Maine (Union/3 Letters)
Dexter Jewett, Co. G, 13th Maine (Union/4 Letters)
Josiah Plummer Lovejoy, Co. G, 14th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Reuben N. DeLaite, Co. G, 15th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Horsefield Wentworth, Co. H, 15th Maine (Union/3 Letters)
John H. Frain, Co. G, 16th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Augustus Hodsdon, Co. A, 17th Maine (Union/4 Letters)
Charles E. Carruthers, Co. B, 17th Maine (Union/2 Letters)
John Olin Rice, Co. B, 17th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Albert C. Gammon, Co. F, 17th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Eliab Washburn Murdock, Co. F, 17th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Henry H. Hartshorn, Co. D, 19th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Warren B. Thorndike, Co. I, 19th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Webber, Jr., Co. K, 19th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Henry Woodsum, Co. D, 21st Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Alonso Smith, Co. D, 24th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Osborn Dyer, Co. K, 25th Maine (Union/2 Letters)
James A. Hodsdon, Co. K, 25th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
James Nathaniel Coombs, Co. I, 28th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel Cony Haskell, Co. G, 30th Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Parker, Co. I, 31st Maine (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Donnell Eaton, Co. I, 1st Maine Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William Alvah Austin, Co. G, 2nd Maine Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Andrew F. Beal, 4th Maine Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Mark Langdon Elwell, 4th Maine Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Edward Wiggin, Jr., 6th Maine Battery (Union/5 Letters)

Unidentified Soldier, 1st Maryland (Union/1 Letter)

Amos P. Burnham, Co. C, 2nd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Foster Morgan, Co. C, 2nd Massachusetts (Union/3 Letters)
Lyman Uriah Lee, Co. F, 5th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Selwyn Eugene Bickford, Co. G, 6th Massachusetts (Union/3 Letters)
Joseph Henry Buck, Co, D, 6th Massachusetts (Union/6 Letters)
Rufus Robbins, Co. K, 7th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
Charles Remington Turner, Co. E, 10th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Lemuel Martindale Bolton, Co. F, 10th Massachusetts (3 Letters)
Richard Whittock Clink, Co. B, 11th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Charles H. Marcy, Co. K, 11th Massachusetts (Union/1 letter)
William Wallace Chickering, Co. G, 11th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Hazen Noyes, Co. E, 12th Massachusetts (Union/5 Letters)
William Hazen Noyes, Co. E, 12th Massachusetts (Union/5 Letters)
William Remington Carr, Co. I, 12th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin Franklin Cook, Co. K, 12th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
William H. H. Rideout, Co. B, 13th Massachusetts (Union/7 Letters)
Frank Rhodes, Co. D, 13th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Henry Frye, Co. D, 14th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Eben F. Lawrence, Co. C, 16th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
John Wales King, Jr., Co. D, 18th Massachusetts (Union/1 letter)
Edmund Findlay Churchill, Co. E, 18th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
John Sprague Robbins, Co. E, 18th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel Webster Spofford, Co. A, 19th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Horace Augustus Derry, Co. D, 20th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Luther Emerson Stewart, Co. G, 21st Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. A, 22nd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Wallace Smith, Co. B, 22nd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
George Franklin Stone, Co. D, 22nd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William S. Cook, Co. F, 23rd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 24th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Hunt Goff, Co. H, 24th Massachusetts (Union/43 Letters)
Henry Arthur White, Co. H, 25th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Myron Francis Going, Co. B, 26th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
George Haskell Lawrence, Co. B, 26th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
Elmore Dane, Co. F, 26th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Elmore Dane, Co. F, 26th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Albert P. Cate, Co. D, 27th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Silas Townsend, Co. F, 29th Massachusetts (Union/Archive of Letters)
Lucien Maynard Fletcher, Co. A, 30th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Richard Franklin Underwood, Co. F, 31st Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Litchfield, Co. F, 32nd Massachusetts (Union/4 Letters)
Norman J. Ray, Co. A, 33rd Massachusetts (Union/5 Letters)
Peter Collins Sears, Co. D, 33rd Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Diedric M. Day, Co. G, 34th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Andrew Henry Frame, Co. A, 35th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
John Williams Hudson, Co. D, 35th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Albert H. Carter, Co. A, 36th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
William Henry Hodgkins, Co. B, 36th Massachusetts (Union/6 Letters)
Charles Robert Avery, Co. K, 36th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
Thomas Porter, Jr., F&S, 37th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
William A. Bartlett, Co. D, 37th Massachusetts (Union/12 Letters)
Willard Sylvester Cooke, Co. F, 37th Massachusetts (Union/2 letters)
Joseph John Cooper, Co. F, 39th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Warren P. Searles, Co. C, 40th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Moses M. Ordway, Co. I, 40th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
Robert B. Foster, Co. K, 40th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin F. Treadwell, Co. A, 42nd Massachusetts (Union/3 Letters)
Colman Tilden, Jr., Co. H, 43rd Massachusetts (Union/11 Letters)
Henry C. Whittier, Co. A, 44th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
James Haynes Murray, Co. C, 44th Massachusetts (Union/45 Letters)
Frederick A. Sayer, Co. D, 44th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
James Schouler Cumston, Co. E, 44th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
William Sturgis Bond, Co. B, 45th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Dana Parmenter, Co. D, 45th Massachusetts (Union/4 Letters)
Peter Wilder Freeman, Jr., Co. I, 45th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Scott, Co. I, 46th Massachusetts (Union/30 Letters)
Edwin A. Cutter, Co. A, 48th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Richard Kent Lunt, Co. A, 48th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Edwin Kimball Foster, Co. D, 48th Massachusetts (Union/2 Letters)
Benjamin Austin Merrill, Co. K, 50th Massachusetts (Union/5 Letters)
Moses Edward Tenney, Co. K, 50th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Gustavus B. Williams, Co. K, 51st Massachusetts (Union/9 Letters)
John Posey, Co. D, 55th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Alvin Ozro Brigham, Co. F, 57th Massachusetts (Union/1 Letter)
Charles A. Legg, Troop C, 1st Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Oliver D. Pratt, Troop L, 1st Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Silas Townsend, Troop A, 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/Archive of Letters)
Dudley E. Gale, Troop L, 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Dudley E. Gale, Troop L, 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Henry P. Witherly, Troop D, 4th Massachusetts Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Charles H. Shattuck, 4th Indep’t Massachusetts L. A. (Union/2 Letters)
David Brett, 9th Massachusetts Light Artillery (Union/25 Letters)
Benjamin Howard Britton, Battery I, 2nd Massachusetts H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
John Whitcomb Piper, Battery L, 4th Massachusetts H. A. (Union/40 Letters)
Edwin Kimball Foster, Battery M, 4th Massachusetts H. A. (Union/2 Letters)

William Byrns, Co. B, 1st Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Wilson, Co. A, 3rd Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Waddell Allen, Co. D, 4th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Lawrence C. Wright, Co. E, 4th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Charles J. Fox, Co. G, 4th Michigan (Union/Archive of Letters)
Christopher Myers, Co. C, 7th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Mark H. Ridley, Co. C, 10th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
John Tiffany, Co. G, 10th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Delamere, Co. H, 13th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Charles H. Ramsdell, Co. C, 18th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Paschal Arthur Pullman, Co. B, 19th Michigan (Union/1 Letter)
Lewis Seymour Allen, Co. H, 20th Michigan (Union/2 Letters)
Byron Densmore Paddock, Battery F, 1st Michigan L. A. (Union/1 Letter)

Joseph W. Warr, Co. A, 2nd Minnesota (Union/4 Letters)
Isaac Paul Tichenor, Co. E, 3rd Minnesota (Union/1 Letter)
Caleb Chase, Co. H, 3rd Minnesota (Union/Archive of Letters)
Farner Elkenie Shaw, Co. F, 4th Minnesota (Union/10 Letters)
Robert F. Norton, Co. B, 7th Minnesota (Union/1 Letter)
John D. Ward, Co. C, 8th Minnesota (Union/1 Letter)
John Burrill Chase, Co. A, 9th Minnesota (Union/Archive of Letters)

George Weintz, Co. C, 18th Mississippi (Confederate/1 Letter)
Burr J. Caldwell, Co. D, 22nd Mississippi (Confederate/1 Letter)
Marcus Lafayette Mounce, Co. D, 22nd Mississippi (Confederate/1 Letter)
Thaddeus S. Hubbard, Co. G, 34th Mississippi (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Nelson, 2nd Mississippi Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)
Francis M. Goodwin, Co. C, 28th Mississippi Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)

Unidentified Soldier, Missouri Militia (Confederate/1 Letter)
William H. Smith, 2nd Missouri (Confederate/1 Letter)
William McCord, Co. I, 8th Missouri (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 11th Missouri (Union/1 Letter)
Cyrus D. Kendall, Co. D/K, 11th Missouri (Union/18 Letters)
Samuel Chrisman, Co. B, 23rd Missouri (Union/12 Letters)
Columbus Knapp, Co. K, 44th Missouri (Union/2 Letters)
Joseph H. Little, Troop E, 1st Missouri State Cavalry (Union/4 Letters)
John Marshall White, Troop I, 2nd Missouri Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Jefferson Lafayette Moss, Troop B, 3rd Missouri Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Henry McEuen Jones, Troop M, 10th Missouri Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
James M. Richardson, Jr., Co. E, Hunter’s Batt., Missouri (Confederate/4 Letters)

New Hampshire
Leonard A. Gay, Co. W, 1st New Hampshire (Union/7 Letters)
Isaiah Foy Haines, Co. E, 2nd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Francis D. Bacon, Co. F, 2nd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Arthur Sidney Nesmith, F&S, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Walton, Co. B, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/11 Letters)
Marquis Lafayette Holt, Co. E, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/16 Letters)
Frederic A. Nichols, Co. F, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Nathaniel L. Willard, Co. F, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
George Murdough, Co. H, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Lloyd Garrison Gale, Co. K, 3rd New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
William W. Whitney, Co. A, 4th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Moses W. Pillsbury, Co. E, 4th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Franklin Pierce Sawyer, F&S, 5th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
James Delmage, Co. G, 5th New Hampshire (Union/2 Letters)
Charles Tolman Moody, Co. H, 5th New Hampshire (Union/6 Letters)
Peter Hardy, Co. C, 6th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Edwin Moses Sherburne, Co. I, 6th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Franklin Stevens, Co. A, 7th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Harvey H. Martin, Co. D, 7th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Hiram Morrill, Co. E, 10th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin P. Nelson, Co. F, 11th New Hampshire (Union/3 Letters)
George Morgan, Co. F, 11th New Hampshire (Union/41 Letters)
Elias French, Co. H, 11th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
John C. Brown, Co. I, 11th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph H. Prime, Co. F, 13th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Rufus Putnam Staniels, Co. H, 13th New Hampshire (Union/17 Letters)
Charles William Hobbs, Co. I, 13th New Hampshire (Union/13 Letters)
John Amsden, Co. A, 14th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel Colby Currier, Co. I, 14th New Hampshire (Union/1 Letter)
Alonzo D. Davenport, Co. E, 16th New Hampshire (Union/12 Letters)
William S. Pillsbury, Battery D, 1st New Hampshire H.A. (Union/1 Letter)
George A. Sargent, Co. L, 1st New Hampshire Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)

New Jersey
Alexander Moore Way, Co. G, 1st New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Lewis Craig Spencer, Co. I, 3rd New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Unknown Soldier, 9th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas J. Wilson, Co. A, 14th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
George Vosseller, Co. B, 15th New Jersey (Union/2 Letters)
Garret C. Hopper, Co. B, 22nd New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Ackerman Hopper, Co. E, 22nd New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. E, 26th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Dilatush, Co. K, 29th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
William Britton Durie, Co. B, 30th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Lewis Pierson, Co. C, 39th New Jersey (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Lewis Pierson, Co. C, 39th New Jersey (Union/2 Letters)

New York
John Clarkson Jay, Jr., Co. F, 71st N.Y. State Militia (Union/12 Letters)
John Fred Pierson, F&S, 1st New York (Union/1 Letter)
John Fred Pierson, F&S, 1st New York (Union/1 Letter)
Robert G. Vassar, Co. E, 2nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Horace Hagadorn, Co. H, 3rd New York (Union/2 Letters)
Lyman Powell, Co. H, 3rd New York (Union/3 Letters)
Henry Dallman, Co. E, 12th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Leonard Doig, Co. F, 14th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Howland, F&S, 16th New York (Union/1 Letter)
William Fox, Co. C, 21st New York (Union/1 Letter)
Ansel W. Dumphrey, Co. H, 21st New York (Union/2 Letters)
Frederick E. Ranger, Co. F, 22nd New York (Union/5 Letters)
John March, Co. A, 23rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Morton Lewis Spencer, Co. B, 23rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Dayton F. Reed, Co. C, 23rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Hiram M. Payne, Co. E, 23rd New York (Union/3 Letters)
Hiram T. Smith, Co. E, 23rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
John Albert Yeckley, Co. E, 28th New York (Union/1 letter)
John E. Brown, Co. C, 32nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel H. Battell, Co. C, 33rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Seymour Witherell, Co. E, 33rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Francis R. Bailey, Co. F, 34th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Francis R. Bailey, Co. F, 34th New York (Union/1 Letter)
John Hancock Boyd Jenkins, Co. A, 40th New York (Union/Archive of Letters)
Silas Payne Wood, Co. I, 40th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel Hoag, Co. H, 43rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
John T. Johnson, Co. C, 44th New York (Union/2 Letters)
Charles Robinson French, Co. E, 44th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Bevier, Co. E., 44th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Nathaniel Husted, Co. E, 44th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Leroy Weller, F&S, 48th New York (Union/2 Letters)
Levi Crawford, Co. K, 60th New York (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Cross, Co. I, 61st New York (Union/1 Letter)
Patrick James Madden, Co. B, 69th New York (Union/2 Letters)
Henry Langdon Potter, F&S, 71st New York (Union/ 1 Letter)
William Dennis, Co. E, 74th New York (Union/4 Letters)
Daniel Mott, Co. A, 76th New York (Union/1 Letter)
James Reid, F&S, 79th New York Infantry (Union/1 Letter)
Dexter Samson, Co. K, 81st New York (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Fernald, Co. C, 82nd New York (Union/13 Letters)
William Warner Clarke, F&S, 85th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Henry Bancroft, Co. B, 85th New York (12 Letters)
Joseph W. Kirkendell, Co. F, 86th New York (Union/1 Letter)
William L. Beers, Co. C, 89th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Columbus Huntly, Co. F, 92nd New York (Union/3 Letters)
Walter Nathaniel Little, Co. K, 94th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas H. Kirby, Co. H, 96th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Eliphalet Walbridge, Co. H, 100th New York (Union/8 Letters)
James W. Whitford, Co. A, 106th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Lewis W. Wilson, Co. C, 106th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel Donahue, Co. F, 107th New York (Union/2 Letters)
Edwin Weller, Co. H, 107th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel John Vail, Co. F, 109th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Almon W. Gould, Co. H, 109th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Uriah Wright Stratton, Co. H, 109th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Brayton Daniel Burdick, Co. K, 110th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Asa Holmes, Co. A, 114th New York (Union/1 Letter)
James M. Young, Co. I, 115th New York (Union/3 Letters)
James Henry Estes, Co. C, 118th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Lewis Coe Bevier, Co. G, 120th New York (Union/2 Letters)
George Everett White, Co. K, 120th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Peter V. Blakeman, Co. A, 122nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Harlan P. Martin, Co. E, 123rd New York (Union/6 Letters)
George S. Youngs, Co. G, 126th New York (Union/29 Letters)
Edgar A. Warner, Co. K, 126th New York (Union/1 Letter)
John Allen, Co. E, 127th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Lord Wellington Gillett, Co. H, 127th New York (Union/1 Letter)
William Freeland, Co. F, 132nd New York (Union/11 Letters)
William Henry Mickle, F&S, 134th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Ira S. Jeffers, Co. F, 137th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Francis Granger Trowbridge, Co. D, 139th New York (Union/2 Letters)
William Hall Clarke, Co. I, 140th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Van Wagoner, Co. C, 141st New York (Union/2 Letters)
Leroy Copeland, Co. K, 142nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Lewis Walker, Co. K, 142nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Edward O. Green, Co. K, 143rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
William E. Soden, Co. K, 143rd New York (Union/1 Letter)
John H. Warren, Co. K, 144th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel Donahue, Co. K, 145th New York (Union/4 Letters)
John R. Pollock, Co. E, 149th New York (Union/4 Letters)
William Seward Cole, Co. D, 151st New York (Union/1 Letter)
Aaron Crouch, Co. I, 152nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Phillip J. Miller, Co. I, 156th New York (Union/21 Letters)
Henry Short Montgomery, Co. F, 157 New York (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Hibbard, Co. B, 160th New York (Union/3 Letters)
John Brown, Co. G, 160th New York (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Francis Philp, Co. B/C, 161st New York (Union/10 Letters)
James L. Adams, F&S, 162nd New York (Union/1 Letter)
Mason Sherman Chambers, Co. F, 169th New York (6 Letters)
Elias W. Sanders, Co. F, 1st New York Mounted Rifles (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Chandler Smith, Co. I, 1st New York Mounted Rifles (Union/1 Letter)
John Fisk, F&S, 2nd New York Mounted Rifles (Union/1 Letter)
James Albert Hudson, Co. H, 1st New York Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Homer L. Miles, Co. H, 1st New York Veteran Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
John Marshall Guion, Co. K, 1st New York Veteran Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Ephraim Beeby, Co. B, 3rd New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Maurice Leyden, Co. B/C, 3rd New York Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
John W. Boughton, Co. E, 3rd New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Harrison Henry Barnard, Co. G, 3rd New York Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Thomas W. Goring, Co. I, 3rd New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Robert W. Edwards, 5th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
George Mortimer Prince, Troop G, 5th New York Cavalry (Union/1 letter)
Wesley Langes, Troop F, 6th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel J. McVean, Troop K, 8th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Ebenezer Buel, Troop B, 9th New York Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
Samuel Mills, Co. D, 9th New York Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
James Francis Russell, Co. I, 9th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Alonzo Freeman, Troop C, 11th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Edwin Thomas Scott, Troop C, 12th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William Maring, Troop C, 19th New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Hazen, Troop F, 20th New York Cavalry (Union/11 Letters)
William Badger Tibbets, F&S, 21st New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Hiram C. Barney, Co. H, 21st New York Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
John March, Troop G, 22nd New York Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William J. Bancroft, Troop L, 24th New York Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
Franklin Moore, New York Independent Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Wyckliffe Jerome Averill, Battery B, 1st New York Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Erastus Asa Chapin, Battery L, 1st New York Artillery (Union/2 Letters)
Albert T. Freeman, Battery K, 6th New York Indep. Artillery (Union/2 Letters)
William Henry Turner, Battery K, 6th New York Indep. Artillery (Union/9 Letters)
Stephen Pangborn, 16th Independent New York Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
J. Milton Whipple, 17th Independent New York Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
John S. Tenbrook, 23rd New York Battery (Union/1 Letter)
David Smith, 28th New York Battery (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Battery A or H, 2nd New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Almeron Tripp, Battery D, 4th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Edwin M. Whitney, Battery D, 4th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Edward C. Clarke, Battery M, 4th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Battery C, 7th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Joel B. Pitts, Battery H, 7th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Lawrence Johnson, Co. A, 9th New York H. A. (Union/6 Letters)
Walter Guppy Hole Duckett, Co. K, 9th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Isaac Cordon, Co. I, 9th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
James Kipp Underhill, Co. F, 13th New York H. A. (Union/10 Letters)
Augustus Luke Holbrook, Co. H, 14th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Augustus Luke Holbrook, Co. H, 14th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Morgan E. Darby, Co. A, 16th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Tune Upham, Co. L, 16th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Welch, Co. M, 16th New York H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
John Randolph Mandeville, Co. E, 1st New York Engineers (Union/1 Letter)
William Henry Westervelt, Co. E, 15th New York Engineers (Union/1 Letter)
Cornelius Van Huysen, Co. A, 50th New York Engineers (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Lunn, Co. E, 50th New York Engineers (Union/1 Letter)
Halsey Amos Rhodes, Co. H, 50th New York Engineers (Union/1 Letter)

North Carolina
Joseph S. Lipe, Co. I, 7th North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Armstead Hill Patterson, Co. C, 3rd North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Daniel Heyward Hamilton, F&S, 13th North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Ephraim Alexander McAulay, Co. C, 37th North Carolina (Confederate/2 Letters)
Hugh Ewart McAulay, Co. C, 37th North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Elijah Whicker, Co. D, 38th North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Charles Wetmore Broadfoot, Co. D, 43rd North Carolina (Confederate/Archive)
John Calvin McAulay, Co. K, 56th North Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Augustus Alexander Clewell, Co. B, 1st North Carolina S.S. (Confederate/1 Letter)
Isaiah Goodin, Co. D, 1st N.C. Jr. Reserves (Confederate/1 Letter)

John Bunyon Lease, Co. G, 1st Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John Hardacre, Co. G, 2nd Ohio (Union/4 Letters in Hebron Archive)
Eli H. McFeely, Co. H, 2nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John L. Hebron, Co. G, 2nd Ohio (Union/Archive of Letters)
James F. Surratt, Co. G, 2nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George P. Jarvis, Co. C, 3rd Ohio (Union/8 Letters)
Joseph T. Blair, Co. F, 12th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Elhanan Milton Mast, Co. C, 13th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Michael W. Walker, Co. C, 13th Ohio (Union/3 Letters)
Thomas M. Walker, Co. B, 15th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Wallace McGrath, Co. K, 15th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John Ewing, Jr., Co. B, 16th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Charles H. Roney, Co. D, 16th Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
Franklin Mangle, Co. G, 16th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Leaverton, Co. A, 18th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Ruch, Co. F, 19th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Modie, Co. A, 20th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Darwin Carpenter, Co. D, 20th Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
David Harness Randall, Co. D, 21st Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Harvey J. Covell, Co. B, 23rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Edward N. King, Co. C, 23rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Anson Kanah Mills, Co. D, 23rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
David D. Cunningham, Co. B, 30th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Zeno Macomber, Co. E, 30th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Francis Marion Hopkins, Co. B, 32nd Ohio (Union/4 Letters)
Francis Marion Hopkins, Co. B, 32nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
James F. Johnson, Co. B, 32nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Robert B. Wartenbe, Co. D, 33rd Ohio (Union/5 Letters)
Andrew S. Williams, Co. H, 38th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Brice Hilton Jay, Co. K, 38th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Gallatin Heath, Co. C, 45th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John Pringle Neer, Co. H, 45th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George Benton Aldrich, Co. B, 48th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
David M. Wynn, Co. B, 49th Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
James Hastings Dennen, Co. F, 50th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William R. Tittle, Co. H, 55th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William R. Tittle, Co. H, 55th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William H.H. Smutz, Co. D, 62nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John W. Scott, Co. B, 63rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Mahlon VanDyne, Co. F, 63rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Unknown Soldier, 65th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John A. Smith, Co. A, 67th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Milan Emmons, Co. G, 67th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Pope Gordon, Co. G, 68th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Cary E. McCann, Co. I, 68th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Brown, Co. K, 68th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William White Duden, Co. E, 69th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas T. Hall, Co. I, 69th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William E. or Moses T. Rowe, Co. G, 73rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George Washington Preston, Co. C, 76th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Frederick Orr, Co. F, 76th Ohio (Union/17 Letters)
Benjamin Franklin Orr, Co. F, 76th Ohio (see J.F. Orr)
John A. McIntosh, Co. I, 78th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Ebenezer Hudson McCall, Co. C, 80th Ohio (Union/6 Letters)
Albert Spelman, Co. H, 80th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
James B. Johnson, Co. D, 87th Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
John H. Wartenbe, Co. G, 91st Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Josiah Cole Reed, Co. I, 94th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Mast Maitland, Co. G, 95th Ohio (Union/11 Letters)
Joseph Mast Maitland, Co. G, 95th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel Ross Moore, Co. G, 95th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William A. Snook, Co. G, 95th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Alfred Alverson Thayer, Co. C, 96th Ohio (Union/3 Letters)
Sylvester Beatty, Co. K, 101st Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
George Tarres, Co. E, 102nd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Levereth Bonney, Co. B, 103rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Phillips, Co. E, 105th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Alvin M. Brown, Co. H, 107th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John W. Cleland, Co. F, 111th Ohio (Union/3 Letters)
John W. Cleland, Co. F, 111th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John W. Cleland, Co. F, 111th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel S. Hughes, Co. F, 111th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel Snyder, Co. F, 111th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
John H. Moore, Co. E, 114th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Adolphus Benjamin Frame, Co. I, 116th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Philip T. Zeigler, Co. H, 118th Ohio (Union/3 Letters)
Joseph P. Van Nest, Co. F, 120th Ohio (Union/1 letter)
Maecenas C. Lawrence, Co. A, 121st Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Noyes S. Lee, Co. B, 123rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Seery, Co. C, 136th Ohio (Union/2 Letters)
William Cartwright, Co. I, 143rd Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Abraham M. McKinley, Co. B, 146th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
William Porter Phillips, Co. K, 170th Ohio (Union/1 Letter)
Merville Lysander Saunders, Troop F, 2nd Ohio Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Solomon Shoman, Troop I, 3rd Ohio Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Ivory B. Saunders, Troop A, 6th Ohio Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
Joseph M. Tomlinson, Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Corwin Potter, Battery B, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Corwin Potter, Battery B, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/5 Letters)
Charles C. Bark, Battery E, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/6 Letters)
Benjamin F. Hard, Battery G, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Stein, Battery K, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Perry J. Ramsower, Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Jerome B. Burrows, 14th Ohio Independent Battery (Union/13 Letters)
Russell Peter Twist, 16th Ohio Battery (Union/1 Letter)
Martin Nixon, 17th Ohio Independent Battery (Union/1 Letter)
James A. Fleck, Battery E, 2nd Ohio H. A. (Union/1 Letter)

Henry Johnson, Co. K, 14th Pennsylvania Militia of 1862 (Union/1 Letter)
David Sidney Seibert, Co. I, 15th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
William H. Crandall, Co. C, 16th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Potts, Jr., Co. F, 25th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Speakman, Co. A, 30th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Knox, Co. K, 30th Pennsylvania (Union/Diary)
Heber McCord, Co. D, 32nd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Theodore Day, Co. C, 35th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
John Parrish Fell, Co. F, 36th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
James Merrington, Co. C, 37th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Ira Ayer, Co. I, 39th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
James Wilson Hanna, Co. G, 39th Pennsylvania (Union/2 Letters)
William J. Mitchell, Co. I, 39th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Morris, Co. K, 39th Pennsylvania (Union/6 Letters)
Lewis Hoover, Co. K, 42nd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Eli Smith, Co. G, 45th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. I, 49th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Delanson Orlando Kellogg, Co. K, 50th Pennsylvania (Union/4 Letters)
Allen Joseph Clifton, Co. B, 51st Pennsylvania (Union/3 Letters)
Silas Leach, F&S, 52nd Pennsylvania (Union/8 Letters)
Reuben B. Stover, Co. G, 54th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Theodore F. Ostrander, Co. F, 58th Pennsylvania (Union/4 Letters)
Robert M. Morton, Co. B, 63rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Peter Glackin, Co. D, 69th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Francis Rawn Shunk, Co. B, 73rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Wilson D. Cooper, Co. A, 76th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
John Vinton Martin, Co. A/F, 76th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
William Thompson Clark, Co. B, 79th Pennsylvania (Union/1 letter)
John Worden Davis, Co. G, 79th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
William C. Evans, Co. F, 82nd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Jonas Horn, Co. D, 85th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob Miller Seibert, Co. F, 93rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
John Henry Ward, Co. K, 93rd Pennsylvania (Union/12 Letters)
Edward Riggs, Co. K, 95th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Reinhart, Co. A, 96th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Mannasseh Bolton Coyle, Co. B, 100th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Ephraim Bender, Co. K, 100th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Nathan Cory, Co. C, 101st Pennsylvania (Union/2 Letters)
William Wilson Thompson, Co. E, 101st Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Smith, Co. F, 102nd Pennsylvania (Union/2 Letters)
William D. Rees, Co. B, 103rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 111th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Swineford, Co. B, 111th Pennsylvania (Union/3 Letters)
Edward Everett Coxe, Co. D, 119th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Levi McLaughlin, Co. I, 122nd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
George Ventress, Co. C, 123rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 124th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Washington G. Nugent, F&S, 126th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
George Gettys Pilkington, Co. E, 126th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
James C. Aldrich, Co. D, 136th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
James B. Heaslet, Co. F, 139th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Robert Guyton, Co. F, 139th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin Franklin Loar, Co. A, 140th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. E, 141st Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Edward B. Fisher, Co. G, 147th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Francis Stevenson, Co. C, 148th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel H. Harter, Co. D, 148th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Simon Shuman, Co. D, 148th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Shelumiel Swineford, Co. I, 148th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. E, 151st Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Theodore Harman, Co. I, 153rd Pennsylvania (Union/35 Letter)
Henry Spohn, Co. C, 167th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
James Drolsbaugh, C. F, 171st Pennsylvania (Union/4 Letters)
Paul George Smith, Co. F, 171st Pennsylvania (Union/2 Letters)
William W. Wilbur, Co. E, 172nd Pennsylvania (Union/4 Letters)
Henry Wilson, Co. G, 177th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Franklin H. Shirey, Co. K, 179th Pennsylvania (Union/3 Letters)
William Henry Frederick, Co. G, 183rd Pennsylvania (Union/1 letter)
Robert Atkins, Co. B, 191st Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Jordan H. Lear, Co. I, 198th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Josiah Joshua Shuman, Co. I, 198th Pennsylvania (Union/Diary)
Henry Clay Ridgway, Co. E, 199th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
John Wolff, Co. I, 201st Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Henry H. Otto, Co. C, 205th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Clay Campbell, Co. B, 206th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Morgan B. Hofius, Co. D, 211th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 211th Pennsylvania (Union/1 Letter)
Daniel K. Shoeman, Troop M, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/3 Letters)
Harry F. Brower, Troop B, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph S. Esterly, Troop G, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Robert Joseph Marks, Troop B, 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
Cornelius D. Waldron, Troop E, 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 letter)
John A. Skelley, Troop G, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
John F. Gettys, Troop F, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Adie Allen Stevens, Troop G, 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Harrie L. Fisher, Troop F, 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Robert Greenhalgh, 1st Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
George Bender, Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery (Union/2 Letters)
Joseph Reed, Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Jacob H. Schaeffer, Battery D, Durell’s Independent (Union/1 Letter)
William Henry Quaintance, Battery D, Durell’s Independent (Union/1 Letter)
David Nichol, Battery E, Knap’s Independent Penn. L A (Union/1 Letter)
John C. McMunn, Independent Battery G, Pennsylvania H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Shipley Newlin, Hasting’s Pennsylvania L A (Union/1 Letter)
Amos Coar, Battery E, 2nd Pennsylvania H A (Union/1 Letter)
George Keller, Battery F, 2nd Pennsylvania H A (Union/1 Letter)
Asher Minor Bragg, Battery M, 2nd Pennsylvania H A (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Hadsall, Battery M, 2nd Pennsylvania H A (Union/Diary)
William Beynon Phillips, 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional H. A. (Union/Archive)
Joseph Barclay Scott, Battery E, 3rd H A (Union/1 Letter)

Rhode Island
John M. Chandler, Co. H, 2nd Rhode Island (Union/5 Letters)
Benjamin G. Wallen, Co. I, 2nd Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Henry T. Blanchard, Co. K, 2nd Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
G. Edward Bishop, F&S, 4th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Albert Gallatin Sprague, F&S, 7th Rhode Island (Union/2 Letters)
Herbert Daniels, Co. E, 7th Rhode Island (Union/11 Letters)
Charles E. Osborn, Co. G, 10th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Charles Henry Beedle, Co. H, 10th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
John Binney Gould, F&S, 11th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. B or F, 11th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Edwin Perry, Co. C, 11th Rhode Island (Union/11 Letters)
Hartford Byron Tingley, Co. I, 11th Rhode Island (Union/2 Letters)
Xenophon Demosthenes Tingley, Co. I, 11th Rhode Island (Union/4 Letters)
William W. Thomson, Co. K, 11th Rhode Island (Union/1 Letter)
Leander Peckham, Co. D, 12th Rhode Island (Union/3 Letters)
Unidentified Trooper, Co. E, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas W. Manchester, Co. L, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry (Union/Diary)
Joseph F. Andrews, Co. M, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
John Christopher Newbert, Battery C, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
George W. Peckham, Battery C, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/4 Letters)
Edward N. Steere, Battery F, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/20 Letters)
Amasa A. Hammond, Battery K, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/8 Letters)
Henry M. Smith, Co. K, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/1 Letter)
Edward Nelson Steere, Co. K, 3rd Rhode Island H. A. (Union/20 Letters)
Benjamin F. Drown, Battery C, 5th Rhode Island H. A. (Union/8 Letters)
David B. Patterson, Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery (Union/1 Letter)

South Carolina
William C. Clayton, Co. I, 4th South Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Thomas Littlejohn, Co. G, 5th South Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Joseph Alston James, Co. G, 15th South Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
Jesse T. Jordan, Co. A, 17th South Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Jefferies, Co. F, 18th South Carolina (Confederate/1 Letter)
William C. Clayton, Co. I, Jenkins’ Palmetto Sharpshooters (Confederate/1 Letter)
William Whitaker, “Kirkwood’s Rangers” Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)
Harrison Haynes, Troop F, 1st South Carolina Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)
Ellison S. Keitt, 19th South Carolina Cavalry Battalion (Confederate/1 Letter)
James A. James, Ferguson’s S. Carolina Battery (Confederate/4 Letters)

James Osborn Oslin, Co. A, 2nd Tennessee (Confederate/1 Letter)
Elijah Kidwell Brown, Co. E, 4th Tennessee (Union/1 Letter)
Archibald Alexander Rudder, Co. C, 6th Tennessee (Union/1 Letter)
Thomas Elisha Prewitt, F&S, 12th Consolidated Tennessee (Confederate/1 Letter)
Green L. Wood, Co. F, 38th Tennessee (Confederate/1 Letter)
Samuel Webster Dunaway, Co. F, 42nd Tennessee (Confederate/6 Letters)
Francis Marion Forrester, Co. F, 42nd Tennessee (Confederate/1 Letter)
Robert Galbraith, F&S, 5th Tennessee Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Isey W. Cutbirth, Co. H, 5th Tennessee Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William O. Rickman, Co. H, 5th Tennessee Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
William Penn Testerman, Co. E, 8th Tennessee Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
James F. Currie, Co. M, 7th Tennessee Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)

Harvey Lindsey, Co. D, 13th Texas (Confederate/1 Letter)
George Smith, Co. F, 17th Texas (Confederate/1 Letter)
John Crockett Wallis, Co. B, 20th Texas (Confederate/1 Letter)
Abner S. Loden, Troop B, 28th Texas Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)
James Wyatt Cooper, Troop B, Frontier Texas Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)

Henry P. Corse, Co. G, 2nd Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin F. Hulburd, Co. K, 2nd Vermont (Union/archive of Letters)
James Greig, Co. C, 3rd Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Linus S. Everts, Co. B, 5th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Augustus Luke Holbrook, Co. C, 5th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin F. Hulburd, 7th Vermont (Union/Archive of Letters)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. H, 7th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Judson L. Rawson, Co. H, 9th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Austin Doras Fenn, Co. H, 10th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Mark P. Bartlett, Co. D, 12th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
John J. Hill, Co. G, 13th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Eli Burke Norton, Co. D, 14th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Merrill F. Bean, Co. A, 16th Vermont (Union/7 Letters)
Frank Fletcher, Co. E, 16th Vermont (Union/2 Letters)
William Elmore Howard, Co. G, 17th Vermont (Union/1 Letter)
Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr., Co. A, 1st Vermon HA (Union/1 Letter)
Alphonso F. Smith, Co. C, 1st Vermont HA (Union/6 Letters)
William Joseph Cheney, Co. D, 1st Vermont HA (Union/1 Letter)

West Virginia
Peres S. Randall, F&S, 5th West Virginia (Union/12 Letters)
George Smith Farley, Co. D, 13th West Virginia (Union/1 Letter)
Homer N. Dowd, Co. D, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)

Henry Miller, Co. I, 5th Virginia (Confederate/1 Letter)
Andrew Jackson Gilbert, Co. F, 7th Virginia (Confederate/1 Letter)
John Baytop Cary, 32nd Virginia (Confederate/53 Letters)
Christian Shirley, Troop K, 12th Virginia Cavalry (Confederate/1 Letter)
George William Moyers, Co. C, 13th Virginia (Confederate/1 Letter)
Joseph Jackson Baker, Co. K, 54th Virginia (Confederate/1 Letter)
Charles Abram Rutledge, Rockbridge 1st Light Artillery (Confederate/1 Letter)
Robert Henry Maury, Jr., Cabell’s Artillery Battalion (Confederate/3 Letters)
Greer H. Baughman, Co. C, 38th Battalion Virginia L. A. (Confederate/1 Letter)

James Wallace Hunter, Co. C/A/F 3rd Wisconsin (Union/4 Letters)
Ansel Edwards, Co. G, 3rd Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Brooks, Co. C, 4th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Frank R. Walker, Co. E, 5th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Mair Pointon, Co. A, 6th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
James T. McClure, 8th Wisconsin (Union/Diary & Letters)
Charles H. Palmetier, Co. K, 8th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Samuel Cotter Kirkpatrick, Co. E, 11th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, Co. K, 12th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Lorenzo DeForrest Boyce, Co. C, 13th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Nathaniel Wiggins Deering, Co. K, 13th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Unidentified Soldier, 16th Wisconsin, (Union/1 Letter)
Hiram Daniels, Co. B, 17th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Alonzo Hartwell Russell, Co. C, 19th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
James Scott, Co. B, 23rd Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Edward Edmund Huddart, Co. K, 23rd Wisconsin (Union/2 Letters)
John A. McClure, 31st Wisconsin (Union/Diary & Letters)
Isaac Marshall Hardacker, Co. I, 32nd Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Brainard Rider, Co. E, 33rd Wisconsin (Union/12 Letters)
George A. Beck, Co. I, 37th Wisconsin (Union/1 Letter)
Alvah H. Daniels, Troop H, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/33 Letters)
Charles Perry Goodrich, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
George Crosby Russell, F&S, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
George Crosby Russell, F&S, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Boyd H. McEckron, Troop E, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Frederick Allen Copeland, Troop F, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/2 Letters)
Daniel Glidden Jewett, Troop I, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry (Union/1 Letter)
Heman B. Palmer, 3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery (Union/1 Letter)
Benjamin Franklin Parker, Battery C, 1st Wisconsin H. A. (Union/1 Letter)

United States Colored Troops
James B. Johnson, Co. G, 5th USCT (Union/2 Letters)
William Henry Mix, Co. I, 19th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Penrose Edmundson, Co. F, 25th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
John C. Hackhiser, Co. E, 28th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Joseph Z. Culver, Co. C, 39th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Mark Hathaway, Co. E, 47th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Robert M. Campbell, Co. F, 47th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Lyle Garrison Adair, Co. B, 111th USCT (Union/1 Letter)
Henry Williams, Co. D, 113th USC Infantry (Union/1 Letter)

Veteran Reserve Corps
Franklin Moore, Co. A, 15th Veteran Reserve Corps (Union/1 Letter)
Eliphalet W. Smith, Co. K, 16th Veteran Reserve Corps (Union/1 Letter)


Civil War Letters Transcribed by Griff